Kit-Specific Questions
2004-2014 Volvo VNL/VT Bi-Xenon (HID) Headlamp Kit
1996-2015 Volvo VNM and 1996-2003 Volvo VNL Bi-Xenon (HID) Headlamps

General Questions

How soon will my order ship?

Most orders go out the same or next business day. All orders ship via USPS Priority Mail, so you’ll have tracking information as soon as it is ready to go. Your order will generally arrive in 2-3 days, not including Sundays.

Can you ship to Canada?

Absolutely. Orders to Canada pay Priority Mail shipping cost. Like orders shipping in the US, you’ll have tracking information from the package’s delivery to the post office, through customs, and to you via Canada Post.

Can I purchase spare bulbs or other parts?

Yes. You’re on the road all over the place, wanting to have spare parts is certainly understandable. While you can get replacements at almost any auto parts store, they generally charge close to $100 per bulb! You can get a set here for half that, and know that if you ever have a failure you don’t have to wait or overpay for its replacement. However, keep in mind that the average life of the HID bulbs in this kit, available here, is about 10 times the lifetime of a standard halogen bulb. For anything else, just ask David at

Do I have to install both at the same time?

Generally, no. There’s nothing in one light that depends on the other, and the computer won’t generate a fault if you only install one. It’s understandable that you might need to get back on the road before you’ve finished, or that you might want to compare for yourself just how much better these lights are! Refer to the instructions included with your kit, as this may vary for certain applications.

When will you have a kit for my application?

There are several kits currently being developed. The kit for Volvo VNM and pre-2004 Volvo VNL trucks is newly available, along with a kit for Freightliner Columbia trucks. Other applications in the works may be found here. If you don’t see your truck listed, e-mail David at

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