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Special deal for a complete set of our M2 headlights!!  Get them before they’re gone!

Occasionally, we end up with stuff that’s not up to our standards.  It could be a part broken in shipping, it could be something that wasn’t installed quite right, or in some cases it’s a set of nearly new housings that we ended up with from a customer that wanted the quickest possible upgrade.  We’ve taken the stack of boxes that’s accumulated over time, saved the good stuff and tossed the bad, and you can cash in with a significantly discounted set of lights for your Freightliner M2, S2G or S2RV truck.  Installation is still quick and easy (3 bolts and two electrical connectors), and they still carry our 2-year unlimited-mileage warranty.  Get yours before they’re gone!

Upgrade your Freightliner M2/Business Class truck to the latest in bi-Xenon projector headlights!  We’ve offered these for a while now on request, but have decided to make them a standard catalog offering.  It’s a more involved process than the Volvo kits we’re most known for, but pretty easy for you as the end user–all you’re doing on your end is unbolting the old light, unplugging two connectors, and reversing the process with the new lights.  Here are the highlights of what’s inside the new lights:

  • A large glass lens and all metal bi-Xenon projector
  • Ballast, bulb, and wiring harness are all completely inside the light housing.
  • Cast and curved high beam shutter with solenoid actuator,
  • Wiring harness with easy-to-read labels
  • Everything pre-installed in the light housings before they’re shipped to you!

What’s wrong with the lights that came on the truck?

The OEM Freightliner lights suffer from the same problems as many others.  The optics have been around for two decades, and lighting technology has improved a lot in that time.  The transition from reflector-based optics, which were the norm in the 1990s, to projector optics is alone a big improvement, but we also make that upgrade to a high quality bi-Xenon projector for the best lighting system possible.

What about other kits out there that don’t cost nearly as much?

Many HID retrofit kits use generic components, matching only a bulb base. Others include wiring harnesses that just adapt from one bulb type to another. Included ballasts are often of poor quality, and have trouble starting quickly, restarting hot bulbs, or have slight flickers that can be bothersome. They’re the type of kits that NHTSA has ruled can’t be made to meet the performance requirements in FMVSS Standard 108. This kit is different.

Putting those so-called plug-and-play kits into your existing housings isn’t just illegal–it blinds other drivers while only marginally improving your vision.  To use an analogy, all you’ve done is upgrade to a bigger caliper weapon, instead of aiming at a target.  When you replace the light optics, you get a lot better performance in terms of seeing the road, but you also do it without creating glare for other drivers.  By doing it the right way, we’re also using a standard Xenon bulb–you can find a replacement bulb at just about any parts store should you need one (though life expectancies far exceed a normal halogen bulb).


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Freightliner M2 Headlight Upgrade Package Includes:

  • 2 Morimoto Bi-Xenon Projectors
  • 2 35W AC Ballasts mounted inside headlight housing
  • 2 Morimoto XB35 4500K Xenon Bulb Capsules
  • 2 Wiring Harnesses
  • Printed installation instructions

Installation time:

Approximately 30 minutes for both sides.


  • All Freightliner M2/Business Class trucks with replaceable bulb headlights


Ships immediately.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 in
Build Option

Complete, installed in new housings

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