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It has taken quite a while, but we’re finally able to offer an upgrade kit for the fog lights to match your Volvo VNL’s headlights!  This kit is very easy to install, and replaces the lower (fog) reflector on the bumper mounted fog/driving lights with a Morimoto LED fog light assembly.  The lamp snaps into the reflector’s mounting points, and hooks in to the stock adjuster (that’s the screw on the front side of the light).  This kit works whether you have the housings with both fog and driving lights, or the fog-light only housings, and whether you have Volvo or aftermarket fog light housings.

We include printed instructions with color photographs at each step, along with the mounting brackets, wiring, wiring grommets, and all necessary hardware.  The only tools needed are a 10mm wrench (to get the lights out of the bumper), and a #3 Philips screwdriver.

What’s in the box:

  • 2 Morimoto Type-U LED Fog Lights with connector that plugs into factory harness
  • 2 Adjuster screw mounting brackets and hardware
  • 2 Wire grommets
  • Printed instructions with color photographs

Installation time: <30 minutes

Installation instructions: Download here.

Tools needed: 10mm wrench, #3 Philips screwdriver


  • All second-generation (2004+) VNL series Volvo trucks (VNL300, VNL430, VNL630 VNL670, VNL730, VNL780)
  • All VT and VNX series Volvo trucks (VNX300, VT800, VT830, VT880)

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