Volvo VNM and ’96-’03 VNL Bi-LED Headlamp Set


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NOTE: These lights have been in very high demand! We’re currently at about a 2-week lead time for new orders.

The Volvo VNM kit is designed as a direct replacement for headlamps on all Volvo VNM series (1996-2015) and first generation (1996-2003) Volvo VNL series trucks.  Includes left and right bi-LED housings, turn signal assemblies, and wiring adapters. Here are the highlights of what’s inside the new lights:

  • A large glass lens and all metal bi-LED projector
  • Cast high beam shutter with solenoid actuator
  • Everything pre-installed in the light housings before they’re shipped to you!

What’s wrong with the lights that came on the truck?

If you’ve driven with them, you already know the answer: you can’t see the road!!

The OEM Volvo lights are prone to weathering, going from a clear outer cover to a milky yellow with age and exposure. This problem is visibly apparent from outside of a truck. The lamp assemblies first went into production for 1996–and haven’t changed since. That’s a lifetime in terms of lighting technology. Now, get the best in LED performance in an easy-to-install package with everything you need.

What about other kits out there that don’t cost nearly as much?

Unfortunately, many HID and LED retrofit kits use generic components, matching only a bulb base. Others include wiring harnesses that just adapt from one bulb type to another. Included ballasts are often of poor quality, and have trouble starting quickly, restarting hot bulbs, or have slight flickers that can be bothersome. They’re the type of kits that NHTSA has ruled can’t be made to meet the performance requirements in FMVSS Standard 108. This kit is different.

How does this compare to the Bi-Xenon version?

LED headlights are a fundamentally different light source.  The Bi-Xenon version uses a 35W Xenon bulb capsule, which maintains an arc between two electrodes inside.  Here, with an LED light source, it’s a semiconductor producing the light.  The Xenon light source is separable from the projector, allowing replacement of just the bulb.  The LED light source generally has longer life.

The Xenon version has a little bit of a “warm up” period when you first switch on the low beams, while the LED version is an instant-on at full brightness, and a whiter light.  The additional thermal power of the Xenon setup gives it a little better performance when it comes to keeping the lens clear of snow and ice, and a slightly better beam.  But the LED version is simpler, with fewer components to maintain, and we’ve designed it to make the best possible use of the heat that is produced, directing it to the lens instead of wasting it on the back of the light housing.  In either case, we offer the same warranty–2 years, unlimited miles.

From the front of the truck, both lights look identical.  Of course, if you have questions or need help deciding which one is right for you, call or e-mail us and we’ll help you out.

Kit includes:

  • 2 Bi-LED Projector-style replacement headlamps — the whole housing, along with turn signal/side marker light assemblies
  • 2 Wiring harnesses, with every connector clearly labeled.  Plugs directly into existing headlamp connectors–everything self-contained in the headlamp cavity.
  • Printed installation instructions

Installation time: Approximately 30 minutes total for both sides.


  • All first-generation (through 2003) VNL series Volvo trucks
  • All VNM series Volvo trucks


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