Gregg Shields from RV Haulers is known in heavy-hauler RV circles for the excellent trucks he sells and the customization services he provides.  Gregg pays incredible attention to detail when he prepares a Class 8 truck for RV use, with the trucks looking almost brand new and driving great.  For some time, Gregg has gone through the process of polishing headlamp assemblies to a crystal-clear shine, but the lights still weren’t perfect.  In Gregg’s words,

I believe the Volvo Gen 2 low beams are inadequate…these generation two trucks have what I consider to be a flaw from the factory.  This low beam light–this one on the top with this lens–frankly, it’s dismal.  It provides very, very poor illumination at night.  Even polishing the lenses, putting in new bulbs, making sure everything is clean and clear, just doesn’t give you enough light at night.

Gregg put together a video for us, installing a pre-production version of the Volvo VNL Bi-Xenon Headlamp Kit in one of his trucks and testing it out.  Watch Gregg’s video below:

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Many thanks to Gregg and RV Haulers!

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