Replacement Ballasts and Bulbs for Kenworth Trucks

We now have replacement ballasts and bulbs for factory Xenon-equipped Kenworth T660 and T680 trucks. These are direct plug-in replacements, not a generic HID ballast, and carry a two-year unlimited mileage warranty. Only $65 per ballast!

Kenworth T680

Replace your Kenworth T680 ballast without replacing the whole headlight assembly, for only $65 each (sold individually).  The original ballasts are rated for 2000 hours, and replacement is recommended every two years in commercial service.  Shop now!

Kenworth T680 Replacement Ballast

While you’re at it, pick up a set of D1S bulbs too, for $70/pair.  Even if your existing ballasts and bulbs are still working fine, Xenon bulbs do dim significantly with age.  We recommend replacement every 2 years for a good balance between cost and performance–it’s definitely a noticeable change at that age.

D1S Bulbs for Kenworth T680


Kenworth T660 Ballast

Just like the T680, we now carry replacement ballasts for your T660 with OE Xenon headlights.  It’s a different ballast and bulb, however, and the bulb set is $5 cheaper.  Pick up the ballast here, and bulbs here.

Replacement Ballast for Kenworth T660
Replacement Bulbs for Kenworth T660