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Updated Lights for Freightliner M2 Now Shipping!


We’re already been shipping them, but we’re long overdue in updating you on some recent improvements to the Freightliner M2 headlights. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • New version 5.0 projectors. Same basic design, but even better light output. Improved mounting system.
  • Upgraded ballasts. Morimoto XB 2.0 is now standard. They’re slightly more compact, with better, more reliable on-board computer.
  • New housings with improved bulb access cover. Previously, our lights had the same cover design as stock lights. They worked well enough, but occasionally they don’t get locked on properly when you change a bulb. Now the cover is held on with 5 screws. It’ll take a bit longer to open, but with headlight bulb changes as rare as they are, we think it’s a worthwhile compromise. A tighter, more reliable seal means everything stays cleaner inside.

We still have the exchange option available. It’s very popular on newer trucks, and now includes all of the upgrades except the upgraded housings (since you always get back the same lights you send us).

Order yours now here!

Already have the headlights? Check to see if our fog light upgrade fits your truck.

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