2004-2017 Volvo VNL/VT/VNX Bi-Xenon (HID) Headlamp Kit

Will I need to have the computer reprogrammed with new parameters for these lights?

No. The loads on each of the circuits relevant here (low beam, high beam, and flash-to-pass) are within the range accepted by the lighting control module. The included wiring harness keeps the ballast powered and operates the shutter in the projector when you switch to high beam.

I’ve been told that the HIDs will run really hot or they will fry the connectors, or melt the headlamp plastic. Is this true?

Absolutely not! The total power drawn by the HIDs, ballast included, is nominally 35W. That’s compared to the low beam H11 bulb at 55W, and the high beam 9005 at 65W–there’s actually a lot less heat being generated. Since they’ll run cooler, the lenses may even be a little bit less prone to yellowing. The contacts in the wiring harness are the same as those on the factory bulbs, and the diodes in the harnesses are rated for 10A (when they will only see a 3A load).

There are a lot of junk HID kits out there–some of the ballasts have so little surface area that they do run hot, but you won’t see that with this kit. And a lot of the kits that try to get by with just putting an HID bulb into a halogen housing also get a very poor beam pattern, and consequently often go to higher power (very often you’ll see 55W ballasts) trying to compensate. It doesn’t work, and you end up blinding other drivers.

Will the kit work on aftermarket DEPO housings?
Yes. We can also include new DEPO housings with the kit pre-installed, ready to bolt in to your truck.  Click here for the kit that includes the DEPO housings.

What about other aftermarket housings?

It depends.  There are a number of unbranded light housings for these trucks on the market, as well as some restyled lights with halo rings, or other LED accent lighting.  Some of these will work, others don’t.  Contact us and we’ll look at your specific light housings and determine if our kit will work for you.

Am I able to keep these on all day?


Will the kit work on a Volvo VT-880?

Yes. The headlight assemblies are the same design as the VNL trucks across all of the VT series. The only additional step is removal of a thumb screw that holds a splash shield in place so you can get to the bolts holding the lamp in. This is the same one you’d remove to change a headlight bulb without the kit.

Will the kit work on a Volvo VNM or pre-2004 truck?

No. Click here for the kit for those trucks.

How soon will my order ship?

Most orders go out the same or next business day. All orders ship via USPS Priority Mail, so you’ll have tracking information as soon as it is ready to go. Your order will generally arrive in 2-3 days, not including Sundays.

Can you ship to Canada?

Absolutely. Orders to Canada pay actual Priority Mail shipping cost. Like orders shipping in the US, you’ll have tracking information from the package’s delivery to the post office, through customs, and to you via Canada Post.

Can I purchase spare bulbs or other parts?

Yes. You’re on the road all over the place, wanting to have spare parts is certainly understandable. While you can get replacements at almost any auto parts store, they generally charge close to $100 per bulb! You can get a set here for half that, and know that if you ever have a failure you don’t have to wait or overpay for its replacement. However, keep in mind that the average life of the HID bulbs in this kit, available for $50/pair, is about 10 times the lifetime of a standard halogen bulb. If you want extras, add them here. For anything else, just ask David at [email protected].

What exactly does the kit replace?

The kit replaces the OEM low beam projector and high beam bulb. You reuse your existing headlamp housing, the mounting screws that hold the projector inside the light, and the wiring harness that runs between the headlamp and the hood-mounted connector. You don’t cut anything, and if for any reason you weren’t happy, you can put it back to exactly the way it was.

Do I have to install both at the same time?

No. It’s understandable that you might need to get back on the road before you’ve finished, or that you might want to compare for yourself just how much better these lights are!  Note that you may see an open circuit fault (not affecting light operation) until you replace the second light.

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